I’ve created 6 short sound pieces for Daata Editions launched in NY during the week of the Frieze Art Fair, May 11 to 17, 2015

Documentation of Per/Son at KHM in Germany, from 1998 with Robin Rimbaud/Scanner, Pauline Oliveros, Frances-Marie Uitti and me

Split 7″ record with an essay and interview with curator Regine Basha, from a recent exhibition with Leah Beeferman at Fridman Gallery in NYC

Between You And The Shapes You Take CD on 12k

And a recent cassette now on iTunes

Review of the cassette from Textura:
“Buchla Rhythm” serenades the listener with a becalmed reverie of sparse design. While noisier by comparison, the second side’s epic “Captiva Phonogene” impresses also in the ecstatic jangle of its Eastern-flavoured, guitar-speckled radiance. It’s a wholly absorbing, single-movement tour de force whose sunblinded churn is up there with anything else Vitiello’s released.

A mix for Secret Thirteen

Many more tracks on my page at Soundcloud

Older tracks and collaborations on UbuWeb

Up Through The Trees a collaborative track with Taylor Deupree and Ryuichi Sakamoto is available exclusively from the Kizuna World website. Donate to the site, to benefit those affected by the recent disasters in Japan and receive our piece. Additional recordings available from the site include exclusive tracks from Carsten Nicolai, Christian Fennesz, David Sylvian and others

LP, “Dowsing” on Farpoint Recordings (Ireland) available here. Edition of 250 copies…
Includes a stereo mix of an installation I presented in Cork last year as well as a long piano track and 2 other things

MOSS a collaborative CD (ep) with Molly Berg, Olivia Block and Steve Roden out on 12k
“A small treasure” Vital Weekly

Acute Inbetweens a collaborative CD with Lawrence English out on Cronica
“five exquisite electromagnetic essays” Fluid Radio

Birds in a Box a collaborative CD with Machinefabriek in an edition of 200 on Nuun

Age of Insects with Mem1 on Dragon’s Eye

Free compilation Wood, includes a collaboration with mem1 Dragon’s Eye Recordings

Regentag fur Hundertwasser
Stephen Vitiello, Andrew Deutsch & Sawako
Magic If Recordings, 2010
Listen at and iTunes
Stephen Vitiello, in collaboration with video artists Eder Santos, Matt Flowers, Andrew Deutsch, Kevin Gallagher, Seoungho Cho and Nic DeSantis
SMTG Ltd, 2010
The Gorilla Variations
Molly Berg + Stephen Vitiello
12k, 2009
Listen at
Box Music
Machinefabriek + Stephen Vitiello
12k, 2008
Listen at

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